together we can save
billions of coffee cups
from landfill

Streetwise Coffee are proud to be the first in New Zealand and Australia to adopt the use of a new generation of cups.

We know that most takeaway coffee cups end up as landfill. We recognise this is a global issue and we are working to change that. Thanks to an innovative mineral-based lining and a dedicated recycle programme, we are now able to guarantee that all RecycleMe™ cups, returned to our bins, will get recycled and transformed into new products up to 7 times. It is a genuine recycling solution, providing a reduced burden on virgin resources and an ongoing commitment to the reduction of landfill. It’s worthwhile noting that our lids, returned to our bins will also be recycled.

To identify the cups as genuinely recyclable look out for the RecycleMe™ logo on the bottom of the cup, then simply Drain and Drop - we'll sort the rest!

  1. Drain any left over beverage.

  2. Separate the lid from cup.

  3. Place in the bin provided.

Only RecycleMe™ cups can be recycled through this process, please avoid adding other cups into the collection station as they will contaminate the process. 

RecycleMe™ cups will be available at all Streetwise Coffee carts from the 5th November, with recycle stations available for cups and lids at each site.

It's hard to know what's good for the environment – let's set the record straight.

RecycleMe Cups.jpg

FACT - Over 1 billion disposable cups end up in landfill every year* - The most commonly used, plastic-lined (PE) cups are difficult to recycle which results in them being sent to landfill.

FACT - Less than 1% of compostable cups make it to commercial composting* - Compostable cups rarely make it to commercial composting facilities, with most cups ending up in landfill where they don’t break down easily.

FACT - up to 96% of each RecycleMe cup can be recycled. Recycle Me™ cups have a special lining, easily removed during the recycling process, meaning cups can be recycled through traditional pulping systems globally.

FACT - 1 million RecycleMe™ cups can make approximately 1,000 high quality recycled paper reams.

The RecycleMe™ System

The supply and collection of cups
in New Zealand.

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